Police Training - Using Modern Tools to train Police Departments

Police Officers: “New York City police officers experienced an increase in the prevalence of respiratory symptoms over 19 months of follow up, except for cough, which remained steady at 43.5%.”

With all the violence in the United States and other countries against civilians and police officers, I believe it is imperative that the police departments demand the best training tools to ensure that rank and file police officers are being trained in proper policy, community policing, use of force and other important skills. Police just like other humans are capable of holding implicit bias and only awareness training will help each one become cognizant of their own background, feelings and preconceptions so that trust can be re-built in communities and police.

For police training, I highly recommend the use of online learning management systems in the of lms systems which enable the creation and dissemination of course content to a target audience. Using these training tools will provide a wealth of information to higher ups to know completion rates, attention spent, grades and assessment as well as comprehension. To transform lives and communities it is critical that we get training especially police training right.

We should tap into training course content already created as well as providing police departments easy systems to let them take charge of this process. It can not be made complicated and expensive. It has to be simplified so we can get more training out in a timely manner.

We know that police departments often struggle to get some of these projects off dead-center into execution and implementation. We have some articles we can recommend showing you how to implement an lms.

But if you really want to get your started, launched and managed efficiently, you need project management software tools. We have a few you can check from the whatasoftware.com site. As with any software purchase, I recommend that you check out business software reviews sites to get highly commended solutions.

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